5 Best Wearable Technology For 2017

DayDream Google VR

Technology has evolved over the past few years and if the existing trends are to be believed, there are many more changes expected and as such the future of technology cannot be predicted accurately. The much awaited technological inventions of our time have indeed come and gone and with each new day there are more research and IT labs working on newer and more technologies set to make our world easier. The most awaited invention is definitely neurohacking which is set to enable humans dig into the thought processes and abilities of high functioning individuals.

Even with the above futuristic predictions, the world of wearables has taken all of us by storm. Staring from the simple pedometers, mobile and IT companies saw this as an opportunity to bring technology closer to our eyes, our hearts and definitely our hands. With the latest being patented smart clothing we can only expect more from this dynamic world we live in.

Below are examples of wearable technology that are set to be released later this year or are already newly in existence.


1. Octopus

This is an icon based watch that uses three different working modes to teach children good habits while at the same time enabling parents to prioritize and manage their schedules.

The watch mode is both analog and digital while the Octopus is for children between the ages of 3 and 8. The other mode is the scheduler which is controlled from the parent’s end. The scheduler pops up the image of the task the child is supposed to engage in at a time. The final mode is the assistant which enables the parent know what to do and at what time of the day.

All in all this rather colorful watch is a great invention especially because it helps build habit and discipline in children at a rather rebellious stage of their life. There are points for good behaviors.

The Octopus is made by Joy and is currently only available on pre-order.

Octopus Watch

2. The Google Daydream

Google has also massively invested in the field of Virtual reality with this headgear that has an elegant fabric finish. With an elegant finish, the daydream is by far on elf the lightest head gear in the market. The design of the gear is such that the weight rests on the forehead rather that the cheeks, coupled with fabric straps, this head gear ranks among the most comfortable fist for long viewing.

The design is such that the phone is housed at the front, this is also protective of the glasses when travelling.

The only challenge with this VR, is the fact that it is only compatible with google phones which is a challenge that we experienced with the Samsung Very.

All in all, the daydream which was released in November has received very positive reviews and we are looking forward to better developments during the year.

DayDream Google VR


This is an eye-tracking technology that is set to enhance the reality in virtual reality worlds. With high end eye tracking sensors, the FOVE is set to take virtual reality to a whole new level. The aim of this software is to increase two way interaction experiences and especially for gamers.

What this develops is a sense of presence and immersion.

Fove VR headset

4. Smart Shoes: Sneak Airs

This are the most odd of all wearable technologies. Sneak airs are a brand of shoes that talk to the person wearing them. Designed for the Barcelona Street ART project, this shoes are meant to direct the user at every turn.

Despite looking like ordinary shoes, they use an inbuilt system of vibration modules, batteries and Bluetooth. They direct by triggering different vibrations that indicate you’re every turn. Right shoe buzz for turning right and vice versa. If you’re lost, both shoes buzz.

Pretty innovative!

Smart Shoes

5. Tech Temp Tattoos

These tattoos were originally created in a collaboration between MIT researchers and Microsoft. Dubbed, Duo Skin, these tattoos are means to act as controllers for smart phones and other devices.

Applied just like normal temporary tattoos, these will have three main uses in the future world. There will be an input control device, an output device. These tattoos are going to be made of either gold leaf or LEDs.

There have been many prototypes of the same with one example being able to change music by swiping on the tattoo or in another instance a couple being able to share their feelings via the tattoos.

There is still a lot to be done on these tattoos but we cannot wait to have actual meaningful tattoos around us.

Tech Temp Tattoos


With all the above inventions, the future looks bright indeed. The thought of gadgets helping us parent, shoes taking over the role of tour guides, it’s really hard to complain. With these 5 wearables, the cooler and advanced future is already here.

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