Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch You Will Love

Gear S3 Frontier, Classic

Samsung has launched a few incredible smartwatches for a while, with some faring a little better than others. The handset’s predecessor of Samsung Gear S3, the S2, was the closest to hit when compared to the previous smartwatches.


The Gear S3 was a better, bigger and took a more refined take on the Samsung’s smartwatch formula, and the company did everything it could to make it stand out. This makes the Samsung Gear S3 worthy of your consideration, even if it is not the best time to purchase a smartwatch. Also, it is good noting that there are two versions of Samsung Gear S3, Frontier and S3 Classic. The frontier is a more rugged version.
Frontier vs Classic


The Gear S3 tends frees you from your smartphone in the most natural way. You are only required to turn the bezel to read messages, respond to calls, and to go to the applications you want. It could not be easier to do what you desire, to achieve what you want.

Here are some fantastic features about the Samsung Gear S3 that are worth looking at.


The Samsung Gear S3, despite weighing only 59g, still feels a little heavy on the wrist more so if you compare with its predecessor, which weighed 42g.

It is well-made, though, with a sleek metal frame housing two buttons on the side that functions as the Back keys and Home/Apps. Operating it can be a little hard at first, but when you get the hang of how you should move through its menus, everything will be easy. You only need to swipe, swing the bezel, and hit the physical buttons to operate it.

The bezel is the most recent and main feature of the company’s smartwatches, with the rotation dial providing a smooth way of navigating through the smartwatch. Spin right or left to select apps or scroll through displays, or flip through a list swiftly.

On the back of this device is a heart rate monitor that looks like Samsung’s own design. The monitor offers you the ability to track your heart rate, which is a great benefit especially to those trying to get fitter.


The Gear S3’s screen features a 1.3 inch, 360×360 AMOLED display. Furthermore, the screen is vibrant and bright and its colors are rich, making it unquestionably the best screen in the market. While some other smartwatches out there struggles to hang on to the same kind of sharpness, the s3 outshines them by the way it displays different photos from the smartphone.

Gear S3 basic screens


Applications were among the biggest disappointments with the Samsung Gear S2 and since then things have drastically improved. According to Samsung, there over 10,000 apps in the App Store that you can easily access from the Gear phone application. Moreover, the app also comes with a lot of native applications that are already preloaded including weather, music player, calendar, and reminders apps.

Basic apps on S3

There are also big names accounted in the S3 including the Uber, BMW, ESPN, CNN, and Nest. Overall, the Gear S3 applications are incredible. The likes of Uber and Workout Trainer operate well. Furthermore, some games like the Vampire Monster which makes use of the rotating bezel.

Battery life and charging

Thanks to its big design, Samsung has room to squeeze a larger battery, which is 380mAh. This battery is estimated to last for 3-4 days. The device also features a reliable power saving mode, so when you’re low it helps you reach the 4-day mark. The S3’s battery life is a big improvement on the Gear S2. It is also a noticeable accomplishment to hit the 4-day mark with a screen of that size.Gear S3 charging

When it comes to charging, the Gear S3 takes a couple of hours to fully charge from 0% which can be a bit disappointment seeing the big strides Samsung has made with the quick charging technology on its latest smartphones.

Pros Cons
Great display Size and Weight
Bezel is awesome S Voice is unreliable
Incredible battery life Not fully waterproof
Improving S Health
Classic design
Swift performance


Samsung took a huge step by launching a wearable that was a little something for everyone. The Samsung Gear S3 may have its downsides but with so few truly intriguing smartwatches in the market, the S3 is a refreshing and interesting change of pace. If you are looking for a high-quality wearable device, the Gear S3 is worth give a shot.

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